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The Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction, IRS 179D, also called EPACT, was designed to reward owners of commercial buildings who now must comply with higher energy efficiency standards.

Under the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPACT), a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot is possible for the business owner or developer. The 179D Tax Deduction specifically applies to those commercial buildings that reduce their interior lighting energy costs, as well as heating, cooling, and building envelope. Buildings can partially qualify for $0.60 for HVAC, $0.60 building envelope, and $0.60 Lighting.

ANG Finance can help you from design to certification assuring that you take the most advantage of the federal tax incentives for energy efficient construction. We can perform all energy analysis, site inspections and prepare all the documentation required by the IRS.

Since 2005 when this provision was first enacted, it has been extended, retroactively several times, most recently on 12-19-14 covering all of 2014. While we expect it to be extended again to cover 2015, we can only wait and be ready if it happens. However, the 179D tax deduction can be claimed retroactively for earlier buildings going back to 2010.