How We Help Lower Your Energy Costs

ANG Finance is available to assist you with:

Energy Contracts & ProcurementEnergy Contracts and Procurement Delaware:  We will provide a free assessment of your current energy purchasing options.  Our goal is to lower your energy spending through smart purchasing decisions based on your company’s goals and needs.
Invoices Tax and Tariff Review DelawareInvoice, Tax and Tariff Review: Billing mistakes in your energy purchasing can be very costly.   In the event we find a problem with your invoices, we will work with the appropriate agency to correct the problem(s) that we have found and if possible, secure a refund for you.
Rebates & GrantsState Energy Rebates and Grants Delaware:  There are many agencies that offer energy efficiency rebates or grants to complete upgrades designed to lower your energy costs.  We will help you navigate the paperwork to make sure you receive every penny available.
PJM Rebate ProgramPJM Energy Efficiency Rebate Delaware:  There are additional rebates available to customers who perform energy efficient upgrades and we are uniquely qualified to secure those benefits for our clients.
Energy Demand Response DelawareDemand Response:  If you are able to lower your usage during peak demand times we can make sure you receive the highest compensation.
Energy Efficiency Project FinancingEnergy Efficiency Project Financing Delaware:  Energy Efficiency Projects can be expensive and we can help procure financing for these types of projects.
Tax Treatment of Energy Efficiency ProjectsTax Treatment EPACT 179D Delaware:  We can also provide assistance in making sure that the completed Energy Efficiency Project is treated correctly with regard to tax and deprecation; helping you drive your net costs even lower.
Our goal is to help our clients achieve the lowest possible energy costs. CONTACT US TODAY TO GET STARTED.